Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Bullville Fire Company?

A: We are a 100% Volunteer Organization consisting of individuals from around the community of Bullville and the Town of Crawford. We are one of the Fire Departments that respond when someone calls 911 when they are in an emergency situation.

Q: Can I apply to become a volunteer?

A: Absolutely! We have certain requirements when joining the Bullville Fire Company, which can be found by clicking on this link: 

Q: How are you alerted to calls?

A: We have 3 main ways of the Orange County 911 Center contacting/alerting us for a call. We utilize the paging system with pagers. Our cell phones are equipped with an app that is connected to the 911 Center that gives us all the details, location, narrative of the call, etc. The last one is the siren that is attatched to the firehouse property, which sounds off when they page us out. The old school way! 

Q: Do I have to buy anything to become a volunteer?

A: Nope! The Company and the District will pay for what you need in order to become successful in the fire department. Bunker gear, uniform, classes, training, etc. are all expenses that are covered. And to add to it all, we get pretty cool hats, just saying! 

Q: What does the Fire Department respond to?

A: There is a wide variety of calls and emergencies that we respond to in and around our area. Not limited to, but we respond to Structure Fires, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Carbon Monoxide Alarms, Wires Down, Pump Outs, Mutual Aid to other departments, etc. 

Q: Can I come down to the firehouse to apply?

A: Of course! We encourage all of those wanting to apply to come down when we are there to see what we do, see the firehouse we operate out of, and get to know your local volunteers. No experience is needed, we can train you right from the basics and climb the ladder. You may even notice that some of us are your neighbors!

Q: When are you guys down there?

A: We are down here every first Monday of the month for our Company Meeting at 7:30PM, and every monday after that at 7PM for drill. You can also catch us down here at random times for calls, events, or just hanging out and doing house type work. 

Q: Is it all business at the Firehouse?

A: Yes and no. We do pride ourselves in being professional at all times, whether at the firehouse, on a call, or at an event. However, that does not mean we don't have fun. There are many events that we go to, or host, that are fun for the Company, Department, and their families. We go to parades, fundraisers, wet downs for different departments, group sporting events, annual dinners, and many more

Q: Do you really get called for a cat stuck in a tree?

A: Oh yes we do, we have in the past, and there's always a potential in the future. There is no such thing as a routine call!

If there are any other questions you may have that aren't covered in this section, stop on by! We are always happy to help.