About Us

Looking to join and start volunteering? Check out our page on how to join and what the requirements are!

We are separated into 3 different entities. Those are The Bullville Fire District, The Bullville Fire Department, and the Bullville Fire Company.

  • The Bullville Fire District is comprised of the Board of Fire Commissioners, who are the governing body. This consists of 5 Board of Fire Commissioners, with one being the Chairmen.

  • The Bullville Fire Department forms when an alarm for service is dispatched and the company membership responds and performs specific duties related to that alarm.

  • The Bullville Fire Company is the overall membership and manpower that is utilized to respond to alarms.

We are also comprised of 2 Officer line ups:

Fire Officers

  • The Chief

  • The Assistant Chief

  • Captain

  • 1st Lieutenant

  • 2nd Lieutenant

  • 3rd Lieutenant

  • Captain of Fire Police

Civil Officers

  • The President

  • The Vice President

  • Recording Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Financial Secretary

  • Sergeant at Arms

  • Chaplain

  • 5 Board of Directors