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OSHA requires firefighters attend training on a quarterly basis. Thus the requirement of 4 drills per year, all firefighters must attend 1 drill per quarter or one drill every 3 months.


1st quarter        January – March

2nd quarter       April – June

3rd quarter        July – September

4th quarter        October – December


OSHA also requires 8 hrs of safety training. This can be done through attendance at monthly drills. However, it is strongly recommended that all firefighters attend the OSHA refresher class. OSHA training credit will be given to members who receive OSHA training at other places of employment. However that training must cover the following as per OSHA CFR.1910.120.

OSHA Training Requirements
Annual Refresher Training Requirements
General Hazard Recognition 30 Min
Fire Station Safety 30 Min
Response Safety 45 Min
Fire Scene Safety 1 hr, 15 Min
Protective Clothing 1 hr
Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus 2 hrs
Tool and Equipment Safety 1 hr
Recent Developments in Fire Safety 1 hr
Total   8 hrs

OSHA/NFPA also require firefighters to receive annual training in regards to the response to hazardous materials incidents.   Any firefighter unable to attend this training date will arrange through the Chief or Training Officer to obtain this training before the years end.


Annual harassment training.  Harassment training credit will be accepted from any employer as it is not job specific.


Interior firefighters must show yearly proficiency in the use of an SCBA. This will be able to be completed by attending drills at the OCFTC maze.


Qualified Drivers must be re-qualified on an annual basis. 


These Rules/Regulations set forth by OSHA/NFPA where put in place to ensure the safety of members of the Fire Departments, and other responding agencies, at all incidents.